GuaTela was created in 2017 by a group of professionals who brought on board twenty years of experience in international development and international affairs. The concept behind GuaTela was incubated during a mid-career graduate program at Johns Hopkins University/Washington DC.

GuaTela was developed as part of Caravanserai Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit initiative incorporated and based in Washington DC. 

Mihai Patru, Co-Founder & Partner

Mihai started his professional career with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2013, he was awarded the U.S. State Department Transatlantic Diplomatic Fellowship. In 2015, joined the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations, Washington DC, as a Senior Fellow. Currently, he is co-founder and principal at Caravanserai Project, a 501(c)(3) based in Washington DC, and Senior Policy Fellow at University of California Riverside, School of Public Policy where he focuses on social innovation and social impact. 

Diana Iovescu Tatucu, Partner

Diana comes on board with experience in the social innovation sector as Engagement Leader for Ashoka where she has led the global online innovation challenges for Unilever and Arthur Guinness Foundation. She has directed the editorial work and branding for programs in partnership with American Express, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ben and Jerry’s, Intel, General Electric and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Diana is a communication adviser for Global Romanian Society of Young Professionals and she has over a decade of experience in partnership building, strategic communication and project management.

Past Collaborators

Smita Jacob


Smita is a development professional with a decade of experience designing and managing rural development projects. For over five years, Smita worked with UNDP and Government of India on a flagship poverty alleviation program, mobilizing rural women into livelihood collectives in North Eastern India - a conflict affected region of the country with a high concentration of indigenous communities. Taking forward her passion to work on preserving ethnic weaves and empowering indigenous communities, Smita envisioned GuaTela. She graduated from Johns Hopkins' School of Advanced International Studies with a Masters in International Public Policy. 

Smita exited GuaTela in November 2017. 

Melissa Mazariegos

  Design Consultant

Melissa is a Guatemalan industrial designer, graduated from Rafael Landívar University. One of the main reasons she chose this profession is to create positive change in Guatemala, helping the impoverished to overcome their daily challenges by using her skills and abilities. She has years of experience working in diverse rural communities in Guatemala as a translator for missionary groups. Her passion lies in designing products that are sustainable and that contribute to the improvement of quality of life. 

Andres Sierra


Andres is an industrial designer, living in Guatemala City. He has been professionally engaged in different areas, focusing on advertisement, furniture design and appropriate design. Andres participated in the International Development Design Summit at MIT (2008 to 2010), where he was involved in different projects from a low cost incubator for new born babies to an adapter to treat bamboo for construction. Besides his interests in art, history and design, he loves Photography, takes Sculpture lessons and always tries to learn from new experiences. For more about work as a photographer click here.   

Rony Gonzales

Finance Manager  

Prior to his role at GuaTela, Rony - a native of Peru - has worked in boutique consulting and in policy-making as a Congressional Hispanic Leadership Fellow. Besides his keen interest in social entrepreneurship, he is passionate about social innovation, financial inclusion, infrastructure development, and industrialization as key factors for social and economic development. Currently, Rony is pursuing a Masters program at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, concentrating in international economics and international finance.